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  • 25-11-2023
  • Bheja Fry, Dhanmondi, Road-27

Dhanmondi-te “Ektu Ashen Ektu Hashen” 

Every Comedian has only one wish. Making people laugh. Even if they don’t want to. Emu, Antu & Zubayer aren’t any different. So they decided to launch a standup comedy tour. They’ll go to 4 cities, do 8 shows, and beg the audience “Ektu Ashen, Ektu Hashen!”. Because it’s all about being desperately funny.

Will you join us? If yes, we welcome you to “Live2Web presents Ektu Ashen, Ektu Hashen!” powered by NCC. Join us this Saturday, 25th November, at 6 p.m. at Bheja Fry, Rd 27(Old), Dhanmondi

Line Up:
Anik Dey Antu
Ashraful Haque Emu
Khondokar Zubayer
Tashdid Ashrar Dip
Nilima Rafi
Mehedi Hasan Toru
Makhzum Khan Shadid

Venue: Bheja Fry, Rd 27, Dhanmondi(

Ticket Price: 260 (including charges)

For any confirmation or emergency, please contact;
+8801402-816770 (Emon)
+8801985277696 (Zubayer)
+8801872631860 (TickHost)

  • Time : 10:00 pm - 10:30 pm (UTC+6)
  • Registration Deadline : 25-11-2023 10:00 pm

Registration Deadline Expired!!

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